The #YearOfLove Project: 365 Days of Love Letters

Jen Kramer’s 2018 New Year’s resolution was to write one love letter, or letters of appreciation and praise, to a different person for every day of the year. She wrote a different letter to all kinds of people in her life — family members, friends, even her dry cleaners — and posted them on Facebook.

Join the #YearofLove community and spend your year spreading the love!

Jen is part of our Overachiever Challenge! Do you know an overachiever in your life? Pickler & Ben is partnering up with Pilot Pen, maker of the G2 Gel Ink Pen, used by overachievers everywhere. We’re looking for role models, game changers and everyday heroes who go above and beyond. Share their story with us here, and we may feature them on the show!