Tuesday 12/4/18: Caleb Marshall, Danny Robertshaw, Ron Danta

“The Fitness Marshall” CALEB MARSHALL shows off his famous cardio dance moves!  JOEY ZAPOLI, Vice President of Nestlé Toll House Café By Chip, brings plenty of decorated sweets for Kellie and Ben and tries to surprise his girlfriend with a special proposal! Then, Kellie and Ben surprise a military family with a vacation! They’ve rescued more than 11,000 abused and abandoned dogs — DANNY ROBERTSHAW and RON DANTA chat about their unique rescue and new documentary Life In The Doghouse. Interior designer and DIY expert JULIE KHUU is making pom poms.  Plus, twin chefs LYLA and EMILY ALLEN are in the kitchen making coffee cake! And, it’s “P&B Picks” with lifestyle correspondent RACHEL SMITH, who is sharing the best deals featured on Morningsave.com/PicklerandBen!