See All the Winners from The PB Awards!

It’s the 1st Annual Peebies! The PB Awards honors all the best and most memorable moments from Pickler & Ben’s two seasons. Keep reading to find out who won a “Peebie” for Biggest Kitchen Catastrophe, Favorite Animal Guest, Most Viral Moment and more!

Most Heartwarming Surprise

The nominees:

Military Dad Surprise
The Cupcake Collection
The Hunters Lane High School Marching Band

The Winner is… The Hunters Lane High School Marching Band!


Best Invention

The nominees:

The Pizza Hut Parka
The Modobag
The Walking Bike

The Winner is… The Modobag!


Best Prank

The nominees:

Kellie’s Wax Figure
Ben’s Shrub Suit
The Free Cupcake Freakout

The Winner is… Kellie’s Wax Figure!


Most Awkward Moment

The nominees:

The Hypnotized Audience
The Rock Solid Fitness Vibration Machine
The Strong Woman Host Lift

The Winner is… The Hypnotized Audience!


Most Popular Recipe

The nominees:

Kelly LeVeque’s Fab 4 Smoothies
Duff Goldman’s Apple Streusel Pie
Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

The Winner is… Kelly LeVeque’s Fab 4 Smoothie recipes! Try all three of Kelly’s Fab 4 smoothies by checking out the recipes here!


Biggest Kitchen Catastrophe

The nominees:

The Devil Donut Challenge
Luke Bryan’s Spoon
Kellie’s Dry Coconut

The Winner is… Luke Bryan’s Spoon! (His comeback to the audience is also award-worthy!)


Best Field Trip

The nominees:

The Nashville Ballet
Christmas Caroling
Fort Campbell
Goat Yoga

The Winner is… Fort Campbell!


Best Animal Guest

The nominees:

Bumps the Camel
The Dictator Scorpion
The Baby Otter Brothers

The Winner is… the Dictator Scorpion!


Best Game

The nominees:

Human Hungry Hippos
The MATCHrimony Game
The Best Bud Showdown

The Winner is… Human Hungry Hippos


Most Viral Moment

There was only one nominee and one clear winner – Be Nice Like Nick! This video – featuring Ben and Kellie spreading kindness in a local Walmart in honor of employee Nick Tate’s good deed for a customer in need — was viewed more than 15 million times!

Congratulations to all the winners!