Pickler & Ben’s Best Food Finds of 2018!

Pickler & Ben is sharing its favorite food finds of 2018! Check out all the chefs, restaurants and food artists crafting the buzziest, most unique and most delicious bites out there!

Marie Saba

Her mouthwatering Instagram pics have scored her thousands of followers, and now a cookbook for kids, Let’s Make Magic With Food. Follow Marie Saba on Instagram at @mariasaba.


Muddling Memories

This hospitality group specializes in unique beverage experiences. They can customize any kind of cocktail – like the speciality Pickler & Ben cocktail founder Cody Goldstein put together on the show! Learn more at MuddlingMemories.com.

The Meatball Shop

Chef Daniel Holzman of NYC’s The Meatball Shop wants to share his love of these edible balls of joy with the world! Make a reservation or order your meatballs online by heading to TheMeatballShop.com. And head here for Daniel’s Classic Beef Meatball recipe!

Wicked Good Cupcakes

This mother and daughter bakery in Boston creates tons of different delicious treats, but their claim to fame is their mason jar cupcake concoctions. Order your next batch at WickedGoodCupcakes.com.

Cookie DŌ

No baking required – this dessert shop sells edible cookie dough! They use pasteurized egg and a heat-treated flour that makes this tasty treat safe to eat right away. That is, if you arrive at their New York shop early enough – lines have been known to go around (and around) the block! Get some at CookieDoNYC.com.

Cafe BooQoo

New Orleans native Matthew Pace brings a taste of Louisiana to Brooklyn. Learn more at CafeBooQoo.com. And get the recipe for Cauliflower Po’Boys here!

Retro Sno

This original shaved ice company can be found driving all around Nashville in its food truck. Their treats are made using 100% pure cane sugar and handcrafted syrups poured over the fluffiest shaved ice you’ll ever taste! Learn more at RetroSno.com.


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