Jeff Mauro’s Holy Cannoli Milkshake

Food Network star Jeff Mauro is here with a sweet take on the beloved cannoli. By turning it into a milkshake, it becomes a decadent treat for any night of the week. The cannoli filling recipe makes more than enough for several milkshakes, perfect for a summer party!

Holy Cannoli Milkshake
Makes 2 to 3 milkshakes


For the cannoli filling:
2 cups whole milk ricotta, drained
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1 1/2 cups confectioners’ sugar
1 tablespoon orange liquor
3/4 cup mini dark chocolate chips

For the holy cannoli milkshake:
1 pint vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup whole milk, plus more if needed
Broken cannoli shells
Whipped cream, slightly sweetened with a hint of orange liquor
Bright green pistachios, chopped fine
2 to 3 Luxardo cherries
2 to 3 candied orange peels


1. Make the cannoli filling: In a large bowl, whisk ricotta, cream, sugar, and liquor until light and fluffly, about 1 minute. Fold in chocolate chips.

2. Make the holy cannoli milkshake: In the base of a blender, blend ice cream and milk until thick and pourable, adding tablespoons of milk as needed.

3. Using a piping bag filled with 3 to 4 tablespoons cannoli filling, pipe ribbons of filling into ice cream mixture. Gently fold, keeping the ribbons intact. Gently fold in cannoli shells.

4. Transfer to milkshake glasses. Top each with a mound of whipped cream, a full coating of pistachios, 1 cherry, and 1 orange slice.

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