The Great Biscuit Battle: Team Jason & Kellie vs. Team David & Ben

It’s Pickler & Ben’s Great Biscuit Battle! Chef Jason Smith teams up with Kellie to compete against Chef David Rose and Ben in making the most delicious biscuits ever! There’s a catch, though — each team has to answer trivia questions in order to get additional ingredients. Don’t want just a plain biscuit? Then you better answer correctly!

Chefs Jamika Pessoa and Brian Morris are the judges for our baking competition. See what they thought of Jason and Kellie’s Bourbon Buffalo Shrimp Po Boy on a buttermilk biscuit and David and Ben’s “Breakfast in Bed” – eggs and ham on a savory cheddar chive biscuit.


And now, the moment of truth… find out which team was crowned the best biscuit makers!