Friday 11/9/18: Gaby Dalkin, Michael Breach

She gets paid to doodle! Professional sketch artist EMILY MILLS puts her talents to the test and illustrates our show. He’s called the Leonardo Da Vinci of lattes!  Barista artist MICHAEL BREACH shows off his mocha masterpieces! Then, his plan for the perfect proposal was swept out to sea until a good Samaritan saved the day! We’ve got big surprises in store for them! Plus, chef GABY DALKIN (What’s Gaby Cooking) is making chicken enchiladas! We hear the inspiring story of MAUREEN “MO” BECK a champion rock climber who was born without one of her hands. Then, Kellie and Ben chat with the family who’ve adopted a wild bluejay! And, it’s “P&B Picks” with lifestyle correspondent RACHEL SMITH, who shares the best deals featured on MorningSave.com/PicklerandBen!