Find Out How Theresa’s Date Went with Her “Cooking For Love” Bachelor!

Theresa, the very first Bachelorette in our inaugural game of “Cooking for Love with Ronnie Woo,” hoped to find a great guy to share a meal with. After tasting samples of the bachelors’ cooking skills, she chose Bachelor #1 – Kevin – as the winner!

We sent Kevin and Theresa to Nashville’s Sunda New Asian restaurant for their big night out, and asked them to share their thoughts before and after the date. Watch the videos below to see if the two hit it off!

“Cooking for Love” Bachelorette Theresa: Before the Big Date

“Cooking for Love” Bachelor Kevin: Before the Big Date

“Cooking for Love” Bachelorette Theresa: The Follow-Up

“Cooking for Love” Bachelor Kevin: The Follow-Up

Sounds like a match made in the kitchen!

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