“Cooking For Love” with Chef Ronnie Woo!

It’s the game that mixes recipes with romance – it’s “Cooking for Love” with Chef Ronnie Woo! One of Pickler & Ben’s favorite recurring guests, Ronnie isn’t just a tremendous chef, he’s also got a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Of course we had to have him as our host on the game show that combines his culinary expertise with his relationship know-how!

First, Ronnie meets with our bachelorette Theresa to find out what kind of man she’s looking to date. She also mentions that she hopes to rid herself of the “three month curse.”

Back at the studio, Ronnie advises our three “Cooking for Love” bachelors on their brunch-making skills. (Get the recipes for these tasty meals here!)

Our three bachelors Kevin, Fred and Brendan prepare a delicious brunch while answering questions from our “Cooking for Love” bachelorette Theresa! Watch her get to know these three guys while they do their best not to burn brunch!

After sampling the guys’ meals, it was time for Theresa to decide who will be her dining companion for the evening… and maybe beyond? Spoilers below! 

She chose Bachelor #1 — Kevin! Sorry, Fred and Brendan, you weren’t picked this time, but it’s a good thing Nashville is filled with tons of amazing ladies who would jump at the chance to take a bite of your brunches!

Want to find out what happened on Kevin and Theresa’s night out? Head here to find out! And special thanks to Sunda New Asian in Nashville for hosting our “Cooking for Love” couple on their big date!

Are you interested in participating in an upcoming installment of “Cooking for Love with Ronnie Woo”? Head here and tell us about yourself!